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Cyber Degrees EDU is an industry-leader in the education field. Our independent educational organization has created a comprehensive and current set of information for students who have an interest in pursuing a higher education and employment in the fields of cyber security and computer science.

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About Us – Cyber Degrees Edu

We have everything you need in order to find out about colleges that provide cyber security and computer science programs. We explain entrance requirements and potential occupations, based upon different majors within the field that students choose to pursue. Our cyber security career guides help you to be prepared to meet every requirement for entry into your desired program of study, gain certifications in the field, or move from an entry-level position to one that has more responsibility.

Our career guides will help you weigh whether it is best to pursue an associate or bachelor's degree or whether it is best to pursue certifications at coding boot camps. We have information on traditional four-year college programs as well as hybrid and online accredited college programs. Whenever the statistics on employment provided by the federal government or university programs change, we update our information. We also have news and videos on new and upcoming occupations and college programs.

We have created an independent and unbiased compilation of everything you need to find and pursue higher education, and your desired career path in the fields of cyber security and computer science.

What We Do

At Cyber Degrees EDU, we are your unbiased, go-to source for comprehensive and independent information about cyber security or computer science as a career path, requirements of different programs, highly rated university programs in the field, as well as scholarships and news.

We recommend the best accredited programs in your state that are highly rated for cyber security and/or computer science. We advise you about the types of cyber security and computer science positions that only require an associate degree or minimal coding coursework, as well as positions for those who have a bachelor's or master's degree in the field. We’ll help you to afford school by providing scholarship and grant information for computer science and cyber security students

With all of the information we provide, you will be able to make a well-informed choice about which program to pursue.


What type of information do you provide?

Our information is state-specific and explains how you can earn a cyber security or computer science degree or certification. For example, students can earn related degrees in forensics, computer security, or information security. We provide news on higher education and employment in the cyber security and computer science fields. The goal is to have all of the information in one place that can be easily printed out and used as a guide, as you navigate your program.

We are your source for information on cyber security degrees, potential careers, accredited degree programs and financial aid. Our cyber security and computer science degree information will help you decide which majors and concentrations of study to pursue. We list the types of jobs and salaries you can expect to qualify for, based upon different degree paths. We will provide an honest assessment of how long your chosen degree will likely take to complete, based upon your lifestyle and situation. We provide information on admission requirements, program accreditation, and paths to advancement in cyber security and computer science.

The information on career options in cyber security and computer science will comprehensively explain the entire path, from bachelor’s degree requirements to completion of a master's degree. You will learn about how you pursue different certifications in cyber security and computer science and we provide information on the stage at which you can pursue each different type of certification. You will find out about typical occupations and salaries of employees with your chosen degree. You will learn about the typical work day, responsibilities, and desirable traits for workers in your chosen field. We explain how you can climb the career ladder in cyber security or computer science.

Our information on degree programs in cyber security and computer science are organized by state. We explain program accreditation and provide ratings by graduates of each program. We have information on scholarships and grants that are categorized by type, such as general scholarships or ones that are specific to certain degrees. We also have those that are offered solely to women, military active duty and veterans, minorities, and people with disabilities.

Does your website cost money?

Our website is independent, unbiased, and free. You can look up our information and print out as many guides as you like absolutely free.

How often is your website updated?

We update our information in response to changes in scholarships, employment statistics, college degree programs or requirements, and changes in certification requirements. If you ever find that some information on our website is not current, please contact us with the problem so we can correct our information.

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